Urban Land Planning: Cutting Through the Red Tape

Urban Land Planning: Cutting Through the Red Tape

sometimes you need a partner to ensure projects stay on track

Government regulations.


Red tape.

Feeling anxious yet? If you’ve ever tried to build a home or open a business, you’ve had to deal with some level of bureaucratic red tape known as the permitting process. Of course, some projects are more difficult to get approved and permitted than others. Perhaps the most complex, time-consuming, and frustrating don’t even involve private parties. They are public projects, the kind of infrastructure that requires one governmental or public entity to acquire approvals and permits from other governmental or public entities.


While you might think public officials would be well-equipped to work with public officials from other agencies to ensure a smooth permitting process, it’s all too often not the case. Many times, different agencies operate under very different requirements. The county planning department, for example, has a host of issues and considerations they have to consider, while the city may have a different set of considerations driving their decisions.

Sometimes, local government staffs are stretched so thin and are juggling so many different projects, it becomes extremely difficult to effectively navigate other agencies' permitting processes, and a great project may languish for months or even years. Or, as leadership turns over or people move up or out in their careers, it creates a revolving-door issue. Consequently, a great idea that stalled in the permitting process ends up being dropped altogether simply because its momentum was lost and never recaptured.

At Fusco Land Planning, one of the biggest values we bring to our clients is our experience and expertise in dealing with local, state and federal agencies that you need to gain approvals from to move your project from concept to reality. From the DOT to the EPA, from the National Park Service to the United States Forest Service, from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to state-level environmental agencies, we understand the regulations and relationships that are key to moving projects forward, saving you time, money and headaches.

While we provide this as a value-add to our planning and design services, we also are comfortable joining a team after the project has been designed and handle the permitting process. Above all, we are a team player and are very comfortable working with other consultants and firms on projects. Our focus is on keeping red tape from stalling your project in the conceptual stage. Whether you need someone to start the process or get things moving again, Fusco Land Planning can help.


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