Creating Sustainable & Beautiful Communities

Fusco Land Planning & Design works with cities and towns to develop long-range plans that enhance quality of place and encourage sustainable development.

Cities and towns increasingly are recognizing the need for sustainable land use and landscape planning and design. From urban trail systems, to stormwater infrastructure, parks and greenspaces, and landscape planning, local government and city planners have a multitude of considerations and priorities to consider. Navigating the various political, administrative, legal, and social — not to mention achieving the required regulatory approval from outside agencies for many projects — adds many layers of complexity to modern land use planning in urban environments.

Fusco Land Planning and Design is a trusted partner for many cities and towns in their land use and landscape planning and design work. Our owner, Matt Fusco, has shepherded many complex projects from design to execution and completion. With a deep understanding and familiarity of the regulations of outside regulatory agencies such as state transportation departments, Matt is able to anticipate obstacles and challenges with every project and develop solutions that save his clients in city and town halls time and money.

City of brevard

  • Client Since 1999
  • Completed Greenway Planning, Corridor Studies, Downtown Master Plan, Streetscape Plan

"Brevard's proximity to National Forests and recreation, as well as their small downtown core and topography, all are conducive to a walkable community that could support the needs of all ages. We saw early on that the market was changing due to manufacturing leaving the area, much as it has elsewhere in Western North Carolina, and that the future could focus on their natural assets." — Matt Fusco

"Whether it’s designing a new bike path traversing an urban landscape, new trails within the 400-acre Bracken preserve, or improving our public park system, we knew we needed an expert — which we found in Matt. As Brevard grows, we are faced with increasing development pressures that place new demands on our public spaces. Matt encouraged us to think beyond our present-day needs and develop a long-term plan. We are now prepared to balance smart growth with the ability to preserve what makes Brevard such a special place to live." — Daniel Cobb, City of Brevard Planning Director

Full Brevard Case Study


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