Trail Planning, Design & Evaluation

Fusco Land Planning & Design offers comprehensive trail planning services ranging from complete trail system design and management to evaluating the success of new trails or reevaluating the condition of old trails.

Planning is a critical component of all trail building efforts, whether we’re working on a recreational greenway trail or a remote backcountry singletrack experience.  Our process of data-collection and evaluation will ensure the design of a system that will meet your expectations and the needs of your users. 

If you have a trail system in place, we can perform detailed trail-condition surveys to determine management strategies for long-term programs of work. Our evaluation strategies meet U.S. Forest Standards for trail assessment and can be used to complete required federal trail targets. 

Once a plan has been developed, we can provide construction documentation and task order development services to get the planning to the ground. Then, we will work with local construction firms and trail builders to construct a productive, beautiful and smart trail system.

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